Think outside the box

In July I’ve shot some pics for “Think Outside the Box” Dyxum Challenge. One of ideas behind the challenge was to use techniques you don’t usually use when shooting. So for my first entry I went with excessive post processing. First I took an image with film camera, then re-imaged it with digital using sheet of paper against sunlight to give it texture and later done following modifications in digital darkroom: levels, soft focus, vignette blur, tobbaco filter, motion blur, selective and global contrast enhancements. As a result I got…

Fiery Flowers

Minolta Minolta Dynax 5, Fuji Superia 200, SONY DSLR-A900, Minolta 100mm F2.8 Macro

Second image doesn’t have any modifications except small vignette blur. Effect was achieved by something I’ve never tried before – defocusing while taking the shot.

Yellow Lilies

sec, f/, 0

Third image was created using unusual lighting (flashlight), long exposure and destructive post processing (solarization, contrast, sharpening).


sec, f/, 0

Inspired by unusual lenses used by other participants I’ve experimented a bit with DIY lens replacement. I took my NEX-3, attached MD-NEX adapter, attached extensions tubes and used (handheld) two different lenses ripped off from magnifiers.

It was quite hard to take some interesting pictures. In one hand I had my NEX and in other hand lens. To zoom I had to add or remove extension tubes, to focus I had to move lens closer or farther from extension tubes, to get macro I had to reverse lens, to get colors warmer or cooler or to get more or less light at some parts of frame I had to change angle of lens. Most of shots were wasted because I either got focus or composition wrong due to camera shake when pressing shutter release.

Anyway… It was fun and I’ll probably use that setup sometimes. It has some weaknesses like no way to get sharp images (who cares), low contrast (which works well IMO), weird color shifts (not fixable in PP, its faster to repeat your shot) and probably a few more. But there is smoothness in these images that I like a lot!

I’m pretty sure I’ll try to attach some other DIY lenses to my NEX in future.

Oh, and BTW, “Grass X-Ray” was chosen best of my shots for this challenge.

Lily macro

SONY NEX-3, 1/1600 sec, ISO 400

Yellow lilies

SONY NEX-3, 1/1600 sec, ISO 400

Orange lilies

SONY NEX-3, 1/800 sec, ISO 400

Purple in green

SONY NEX-3, 1/800 sec, ISO 400


SONY NEX-3, 1/320 sec, ISO 400

Lily buds

SONY NEX-3, 1/800 sec, ISO 400

Grass X-Ray

SONY NEX-3, 1/1250 sec, ISO 400


SONY NEX-3, 1/125 sec, ISO 200


SONY NEX-3, 1/80 sec, ISO 400

Withered grass

SONY NEX-3, 1/80 sec, ISO 400


SONY NEX-3, 1/1600 sec, ISO 200


SONY NEX-3, 1/1600 sec, ISO 200


SONY NEX-3, 1/2500 sec, ISO 400