Ominous skies

Below are few images from October that I took with my NEX-3. It is joy to use this camera with old manual focus lenses, however my A700 still delivers much better quality. I’ll probably go for NEX-5N this spring and looking forward to fully replace DSLR with mirroless in future, but maybe lets get back to photos. One day I noticed quite severe cloud front approaching from south west. Weather otherwise was good so I thought there may be chance to shoot some cloudscapes or interesting sunset. I jumped in my car and after about 15 minute drive I saw this:

, Minolta MD 35mm F2.8
sec, f/8, ISO , 35 mm (52 mm equivalent)

Not a good landscape shot, but I think its interesting cloudscape shot. That was last time on that day when I saw some clear blue sky. A bit later I was few kilometers away waiting for sunset and got this:

, Minolta MD 135mm F2.8
sec, f/8, ISO , 135 mm (202 mm equivalent)

Just after I took this image severe downpour forced me to go back to my car. I got bored after 15 minutes of waiting and decided to go back home. However when I was getting close to place from which I took first photo it slowly stopped raining and I was able to shoot these two images:

, Minolta MC Tele Rokkor-PF 100mm F2.5
sec, f/8, ISO , 100 mm (150 mm equivalent)

, Minolta MC Tele Rokkor-PF 100mm F2.5
sec, f/9, ISO , 100 mm (150 mm equivalent)

Forgive me burnouts. I forgot to take my Cokin filters :-( Yeah, I know what you think: “how the hell he could’ve forgotten to take ND grad when he knew he was going to shoot cloudscapes?”. Really can’t answer that. Anyway… all images in this post were processed using software ND grad filter. Partially burnouts are due to my NEX-3 too because all images usually are about +0.5 to 1 EV overexposed than one would say judging from LCD preview (brightest settings available). Now I’m aware of this when reviewing, but these are one of my first shots with NEX.

And below is the only sunset shot I was able to get – just small rift in clouds.

, Minolta MD Rokkor 85mm F2
sec, f/9, ISO , 85 mm (127 mm equivalent)

Soon after sunset sky became overcast and only weak orange glowing over horizon was visible along with smudges of rain falling down…

, Minolta MC Rokkor-PF 58mm F1.4
sec, f/8, ISO , 58 mm (87 mm equivalent)