Misty Morning A.D. 2006

I was recently browsing my photo archives from end of 2006. Back then I was happy owner of brand new Fuji FinePix S9600. My skills were at “point camera somewhere and shoot” level so if I managed to get a good shot it was pure luck. Below is one of my first images captured with Fuji S9600 and probably one of those lucky ones. It was taken right after sunrise thus colors may seem a bit unreal.

sec, f/, 0

We have such mists quite often here when difference in night and day temperature is high, but I don’t have luck capturing them. They always show when I eihter forget to take camera with me or simply have no time to take pictures (I ususally see them on my way to work). Whenever wheather is right and I have time for photography they just don’t show up :-)