PayPal donations

If you are using or have been using any of my projects listed below please consider donating me via PayPal. Just click the “Donate” button below. The money you send will be in first place covering my hosting/internet fees (around 100 euros per month).

Active projects:

Dead projects:

  • Web Browser Identifier – PHP library to parse user agent strings to identify browser and system it runs on
  • PLD Linux Titanium – my version of PLD Linux Distribution, created in 2007, since 2011 it is no longer part of PLD and was renamed to TLD Linux
  • ChRoot Installer – simple console based installer for PLD Linux Distribution
  • Linux-VServer Templates – most popular Linux distributions in form of system images that can be used to create Linux-VServer virtual machines
  • Exifer – my version of Exifer – PHP library to read EXIF tags from image files (with lens identification support)